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Lovers Only- SH//JW :iconink-overrated:Ink-Overrated 17 6
Sherlock Holmes Observes Hogwarts Part 3
Breakfast with Sherlock was full of curiosities. First of all, Sherlock refused to even go near the Hufflepuff table. John hadn't really asked why that was, because he assumed that Slytherins had their own ways of dealing with people, even if those ways didn't make a whole lot of sense to average, kind human beings. But then when they sat down to the Slytherin table, they sat at the very end where no one else was, and absolutely nobody greeted Sherlock as he began to prepare his tea, stirring a silver spoon in his mug with a bored expression on his face.
"Sherlock, why are we sitting apart from everyone else in your house?" John ventured, as more people arrived and still the seats near them remained clear. It seemed strange to him that not even girls greeted the good looking boy at breakfast. Surely someone here had an interest in Sherlock. He couldn't be a total pariah.
"They think I'm a freak." Sherlock was studying John's face, still stirring his steaming tea. John fidgeted under hi
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Mature content
Skulls and Plans - SH//JW :iconink-overrated:Ink-Overrated 14 14
Mature content
Sherlock Holmes Observes Hogwarts Part 2 :iconink-overrated:Ink-Overrated 4 8
Sherlock Holmes Observes Hogwarts Part 1
Sherlock nursed his scratched hand, thinking up creative things to say to Mycroft the next time he saw him. No spells of course, Sherlock wasn't that angry. But he wasn't about to let his big brother get off scot-free after that damned bird he'd given Sherlock had drawn blood from the back of his hand with its hideous talons. Mycroft was going to be force fed a piece of Sherlock's mind, and Sherlock was determined to make sure the experience left a bitter taste in his pudgy brother's big fat mouth.
A squeak interrupted Sherlock's train of thought, not for the first time that morning. The door to the compartment Sherlock Holmes sat in was open once again. Sherlock instantly threw out his nastiest stink eye at the newcomer standing in the doorway. Since the moment he'd gotten on this train, the death glares Sherlock had practically patented had been doing their job to keep him in peace. But for whatever reason, they didn't ward off a shortish blonde who had poked his head into the compar
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Showing You What I Think -SH//JW
It wasn't the first time Sherlock had called John his "best man". But now, standing in the rain without an umbrella, John was realizing again that it didn't matter. Sherlock had dangled a bit of praise and John and leaped to earn it. This morning he couldn't have known doing so would have landed him in a recipe for pneumonia. But John hadn't really cared.
He wasn't sure when it was that Sherlock had learned that flattery would get him everywhere. But learned it he had, and he'd put that knowledge to use almost daily. His most regular victim was Molly, the poor girl. But John was within range of his manipulation, and seemed to be affected as easily as the love sick lab girl did.
John hunched his shoulders when a drop of liquid ice slid down his collar. Damn Sherlock. John wasn't a prop to place wherever was convenient. There were guard dogs for this sort of work, really. And was he supposed to be content, watching the back door so that the killer couldn't make a run for it, while Sherlo
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United States
Hey! Ink is completely overrated. Don't try to change my mind, I'm quite sure of this. Especially blue ink. It looks so... messy. Give me pencils or give me death! Or, less dramatically, give me a computer. I love to type up fanfics.

Other accounts you can reach me on:
:star: SnappleDopts Animal Adopt Account
:star: SweetieBatch Human Adopt Account
:star: Mibbi Poem and Roleplay Account

I love to organize. Don't shoot me please. xD
Gahhhh. I have so many adoptables to do on my other accounts. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sniffle. Anyway, probably won't be writing until the holidays are over. :c I have sooo much to do. Cry.


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